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Channer Consulting currently offers services in two separate and unique areas; IT Support and Social Media Management. If you have concerns regarding your home or small business computer systems or security, IT Support is what you need. If you are looking to improve your social media presence and need some guidance along the way, then take a look at the Marketing Services we offer. 

You are welcome to but in no way required to consider both services your own personal or business needs. Below is a summary of the various services provided. 

  • Don't know where you need social media help? Let's chat to learn more.

  • Looking for full support for your social media accounts. This is it!

  • Need more than just social media help? We offer more in depth service.

  • Crafting effective social media ads for your services or events.

  • Let's work out an ideal marketing strategy for your online presence.

  • Let's work on making better online connections with your followers.

  • Need help creating content? We have the help you need.


Olney, Maryland

Christopher & Philippa Channer 

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