Top 3 Favorite Business Tools

Running a business is a lot of work. It really helps to have some tools on your side to make the work just a little bit easier. Our top 3 favorite business tools right are:

  1. Hello Bonsai We use Hello Bonsai or managing clients, preparing proposals, contracts, invoices, tracking time, and recording expenses. I am on this app daily tracking my projects and communicating needs to clients.

  2. Todoist We use Todoist for our task management. I have been using Todoist to track my tasks for a few years. The flexibility and workflow of this task tracker have helped ensure that I never miss a thing across all aspects of my life from personal to professional needs.

  3. Studiorific Lastly, we use Studiorific for planning and scheduling social media content for myself and my clients. This platform allows me to schedule out content weeks in advance and schedules directly to all the platforms we use.

What is your #1 go-to business tool that helps make your life easier?

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