Social Tip - Tell A Story

It's the stories that we share that do the selling, not the product we push! We, as humans, need to connect with other people. We relate to stories. It is the emotional attachment that your brand builds with their audience. They inspire ideas and encourage interaction and response. Be vulnerable and share from your heart, and people will tell you are genuinely passionate about your product and not just trying to make a sale.

I frequently find myself sharing a bit about myself, my family, and my journey of creating Channer Consulting with my followers. I find that it helps to make us more approachable and relatable. At first, there was concern about my vulnerabilities hindering our progress and professionalism. However, I have yet to encounter anyone who shared they felt offended or put off by our stories. On the contrary, more people share that they felt at ease and able to trust our work by getting to know us through our stories.

Don't be shy; let your customers get to know you and your company by sharing how you get started. Don't try to make the story perfect, share, they will appreciate knowing the journey behind how you got started.

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