Social Tip: Know When to Post

It is common for businesses to use multiple platforms to have a broader reach to their audience. It is important to note that each audience engages with various social platforms at different times of the day. To connect with them, you need to understand the trends and active times when people are not online on your platforms and when they are willing to make a sale.

Things to consider will be how often you should post. What sort of content should you be sharing? What times during the day should you post?

Honestly, there is no one size fits all answer. It may take some time and research to figure out how your audience is reacting to your content. There are tools out there that can tell you when the average user is most active. But to know your specific brand, you need to take some time and test it out. Do some posts, and over time come back and review your analytics to see your most active days and times. This research will help you better understand when your audience is paying attention to you.

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