Rethinking Your Future

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Over the past few days, I have observed several sources indicating that we are in a period of significant change. Encouraging us to recognize that it now time to rethink about our personal and career goals and expectations.

Many businesses both small and large alike have suffered greatly from the impact of COVID-19 and we continue to face uncertainties as we prepare to reopen in a new and ever-evolving post-pandemic environment. What was once normal to us will likely never be the same, and we must learn how to rethink and adapt our business and personal lives to what is slowing becoming the "new normal."

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Now is the time to discover how to refresh and revitalize your daily living and business habits including your mindset and perspective on how things could operate.

Example of some of the business aspects that may need some fresh reflection and change would be:

  1. Your business safety policy and procedures

  2. How you approach and utilize digital marketing

  3. The way you operate your human resource management, and

  4. Your financial streams.

In times of economic uncertainty, customers have shown to be reluctant to make new purchases and this puts more pressure on marketers so adjusting their business model. In this COVID-19 environment, this adjustment may be what is needed to keep your business open and thriving.

Let’s not forget though how our personal lives can and should be re-evaluated and improved. No doubt you have made some significant changes to how you spend your waking hours. Here are some examples of how I have learned to make the best use of my additional time home with my family.


I have let go of my need to constantly be working and productive and just play with my children. They are doing so well with their new homeschool life that it is so easy for me to join them when it is time to have fun. We have played numerous games outdoors and indoors. It’s helped me to be more physically active than I would have been had I been in an office all day.


When it comes to cooking, I used to jump between 5 basic meals. To the point where the kids could figure out what dinner would be just seeing the meat on the counter. I decided after 2 weeks of being home that this just can’t be. So I took to Instagram, followed several different food/cooking accounts, and vowed to make at least 2 unique meals I saw a week. I was nervous at first because my children can be picky eaters, but thankfully they have enjoyed the change of pace just as much as the adults.


I absolutely love clearing up space, both physically and emotionally. So I have found myself developing the habit of regularly looking at the living space around me, the material I have invited into my space, and weeding out what no longer serves me. By the time we are done, I will be able to have one large garage sale. It has been very therapeutic and inspired me to also evaluate thought patterns and emotional baggage that has developed over the years. Considering my thoughts and feelings as they come and whether or not they are uplifting me or those around me, or just cluttering and distracting from the true things that matter. I found some patterns that certainly needed to be corrected or eliminated.

It's time for you to improve your strategies. I recommend, if you have already done so, take these next few weeks before everything gets busy and distracting again, to rethink your life. How you work, operate your business, embrace your family, and spend your time. See if you need some perspective changes and act now. Your future self will thank you.

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