Do you have a morning routine?

Do you have a morning routine that you swear by? I have grown to realize the value and importance of establishing and maintaining a fulfilling morning routine that uplifts you and kicks starts your day. Something that refreshes you and motivates you to get focused for the day ahead.

I have found that starting my morning in this order paths the way for a more calm, centered, and productive day.

  1. Prayer and Thanksgiving. Spending the first few moments with God, giving thanks, bringing my fears and needs, and just praising His name gets me started on the right track. I also have found it beneficial to journal at least 3 new items each morning of what I am thankful for.

  2. Get Moving. Even if it is just for 20 minutes each morning, it is something to get my blood flowing, and heartbeat racing. This does wonder for me physically, but my mood and temperate throughout the day are also enhanced.

  3. Review & Plan. Before I start to dig into any work, I review the entire day's list of tasks. I read each item carefully, making a mental note of what each item is, what it means for me, and what would be affected if the task isn't completed. This helps me to prioritize my day and focus on the most essential items first. Better to Eat those Frogs first so the rest of the list can seem like a breeze. (Brian Tracy)

  4. Eat Fresh. The last thing I do each morning to help ensure my day goes smooth is to start by eating right. I noticed that the trends of the food I eat each start with the first thing I eat each morning. If I start the day off eating fresh natural, wholesome foods, each meal's following will be of similar value. So if I have an excellent balanced breakfast that fits into my diet, and I plan out 5 more small meals throughout the day, my blood levels, sugar levels, and hanger levels will all be checked.

All in all, my list really isn't that extensive. Still, these simple decisions and habits make a big difference between a productive day and a wasteful day.

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