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CyberSecurity Awareness Month

As October, being CyberSecurity Awareness Month, comes to an end, we wanted to share some very important useful information and practices to consider that will help ensure that you have some knowledge and tools to reduce your risk when it comes to cybersecurity.

The Importance of Two Factor Authentication

Most applications offer Two-Factor Authentication. Two-Factor Authentication is the ability to add a second “key” to grant access to valuable information. That “key” is usually sent to another location that you determine, like an email or your mobile device. Enabling Two-Factor Authentication protects your account and recognizes when you are trying to use a different device to access your account. This protection happens even if someone were to know your password, they would still need the added “key” in order to gain access. If the application you use offers Two-Factor Authentication, be sure to enable it.

The Importance of Covering Your Webcam

Our society has changed quite a bit when it comes to working from home. Instead of face to face meetings, we have gotten more and more comfortable with virtual meetings. One very important tool of the virtual space is the webcam. Just like any tool, it needs to be understood so as not to be exploited. It is possible for hackers to hack access to the webcam and from there be able to record whatever is visible through the webcam. That information could then be sold or used to blackmail the subject. One of the easiest ways to avoid this is by using anything like a webcam cover, a piece of paper, a piece of dark tape, etc. to cover the webcam.

The Importance of Securing Your WiFi Network

Whether in your home or in your small business, the importance of making sure your wifi network is secure is of high importance. All routers come with a default administrator login with a password. This default password can be accessed and once this is done, every device that is connected to and sends information through that router could be at risk. Make sure your wifi is encrypted by changing the router’s default administrator password. Along with this, be sure that your router is up to date when it comes to the firmware.

These are just a few examples of how staying on top of your cybersecurity protection is important. It is our mission to help our clients remain as secure as possible. Let us know if you ever need any assistance in ensuring your devices and networks are properly secured.

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