American Businesswomen's Day

I recently found out that each year on September 22nd, in America, we recognize American Business Women’s Day. This day honors the accomplishments of the businesswomen all across the nation. It would be awesome if we all took a moment this day to reflect on the contributions and achievements of the millions of women in the workforce. Also, reflect on the impact of the millions of women business owners across our nation.

The day also joins businesswomen of diverse occupations to collaborate and network. This collaboration provides insight into platforms and inspirational ways for women to help themselves, and those around them, grow personally and professionally. Workshops and seminars offer leadership, education, networking, and national recognition.

Through small businesses and corporate leadership, women provide a variety of skills in the business world. They set examples for young women driven to become leaders themselves. Generation after generation pave the way for new and inspiring professionals. This day honors each and every one!

Please take a moment this day to thank the businesswomen in your life for the leadership, support, and guidance they have provided for you over the years.

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