15 Tips for a Success Holiday Social Media Campaign

For the holiday season, I wanted to research some suggestions for how to bring the holiday cheer with your social media accounts. All-year-round we can use our social media platforms to connect with our audience, so why not include a more festive appeal. Below are 15 suggestions on how you can use your social media accounts this holiday season.

Tip #1

Schedule Out Your Holiday Posts - Give your staff a break from the responsibility for posting on the day of a holiday. Schedule posts ahead of time using a social media scheduler to go out on Christmas Eve, Christmas, the days of Hanukkah, and New Year’s Day and Eve.


Change Your Profile & Headers to Celebrate - Give your social media profiles some holiday cheer by adding holiday-themed frames or accents to your featured photos. Add a Santa’s hat to your logo or wrap Christmas lights around your profile picture. Change your header images to seasonally styled themes that use holiday colors or imagery.

Tip #3

Promote a Local Charity The holidays are a season for giving back so partner with a charity and offer a way for your customers, clients, and the patient to get involved. Promote initiatives and direct your audience toward how they can participate.

Tip #4

Maximize Your Social Media to Provide Customer Service - Offer Customer Service Through Social Media The holidays are a busy time for both businesses and consumers, so offer an extra helping hand through your social media platforms. Drive customers and clients to social media as an additional customer service tool during the holidays.

Tip #5

Create Exclusive Social Media Promotions and Deals - Create Exclusive Social Media Promotions and Deals Reward your followers and give an incentive to others to find you on social media by offering exclusive social media promotions and deals. Provide links to special pricing and offers that are only available through certain social media platforms.

Tip #6

Create Company Videos - Take your sharing one step further by creating and posting videos that offer an inside look at your business around the holidays. More than 50% of people watch videos online every day, so they are an excellent way to use social media during the holidays.

Tip #7

Go Live! You can keep it simple with your video marketing and cut out the editing and uploading process by going live with your videos. Facebook, Twitter, and Periscope allow you to live stream events as they are happening. And, platforms like Snapchat and Instagram allow you to update a 24-hour story with clips and short videos. Use these live tools as an opportunity to connect in real-time with your customers and clients throughout the holidays. A holiday series providing social media tips for small businesses during the holiday season. #smallbusiness#socialmediamarketing#holidays#tips

Tip #8

Share Company Photos - Use the holiday season as an opportunity to show parts of your business that are otherwise hidden from your customers, clients, or patients. You can do this by sharing candid photos from your holiday party or show a behind-the-scenes look at how your business prepares for the holiday season. A holiday series providing social media tips for small businesses during the holiday season.

Tip #9

Start a Holiday-Themed Hashtag - Centralize your social media around the holidays by using a hashtag that ties it all together. Create a phrase that you can use to curate all of your holiday-related posts or messages.

Tip #10

Get Active On Holiday-Related Hashtag - You don’t have to restrict social media posts to hashtags you create. Get involved with other trending hashtags and participate in the conversations. Keep an eye on trending hashtags and jump in when you can.

Tip #11

Cross-Promote with Other Businesses - Look for other local businesses you can partner with during the holidays. Cross promotions double your exposure on social media because you have another business actively promoting yours.

Tip #12

Create Holiday Wishes Posts - Create a video or graphic to send holiday wishes to your followers on social media. Let them know you care and wish them well this season.

Tip #13

Promote Gift Lists - Another way to use content to promote your products and services through social media is creating gift guides. Create holiday-themed guides and Pinterest boards that have curated lists of gifts for certain people (mom, dad, sibling, etc.) and interests (car enthusiasts, fashionistas, etc.).

Tip #14

Create Holiday-Themed Content Related Your Offerings - Use social media during the holidays to show how your products or services relate to the season. Create content that ties your offerings with the holidays.

Tip #15

Ask Your Customers to Create Content - Let the sharing go both ways and ask your audience to post their own videos and images. Promote an incentive for customers and clients to share holiday content they create.

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