How Being an Entrepreneur or a Marketer Can Affect Your Mental Health

How Being an Entrepreneur or a Marketer Can Affect Your Mental Health

I can speak from first-hand experience. Burnout is a state of being no one ever should have to experience. And statically speaking, I am not alone. Many of us have experienced some degree of burnout since COVID has taken over our daily lives. For entrepreneurs and small business owners, the struggles can seem magnified. Today we chat with Chou Hallegra on ways to recognize and avoid burnout and take care of our mental health.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness, I am sharing a small series on the effects that marketing and social media can have on our mental health. Over these 4 weeks, I touch on different ways both the consumption and content creation of marketing messages can impact our mental health.

Today I want to introduce you to Chou Hallegra. She is the founder of Grace & Hope Consulting, LLC. She provides consulting, coaching, and training to promote resilience, social-emotional learning, human potential, and belonging. Chou helps professionals reduce stress, increase productivity, and find the balance to win at home, at work, in business, and in ministry. She also helps organizations become more efficient and profitable by maximizing workplace wellbeing and facilitating inclusive practices.

I hope you enjoy today's conversation and walk away with some practical tips that you can apply to your journey towards a better you.

Chou, thank you so much for speaking with me and sharing from the heart what we can all do today to build a stronger sense of mental health and take care of ourselves. We truly appreciate your wisdom. If you want to learn more about Chou and how she can help you. You can find out more at