11 Tips to Boost Your Social Video Content

11 Tips to Boost Your Social Video Content

We are all looking for creative ways to stand out and gain the attention of potential customers. We aren't all marketing expert, or creative designer, so it is no wonder why we can't keep up with all the new trends and tactics available to us. I am here to help you by giving you some guidance on how you can tackle one aspect of marketing at a time. Today, we will discuss video content. 

It is clear based on recent data and statistics that video content is not only important but key to making an impact in your marketing. I want to show you that it is not only possible but fairly easy to manage with the right tools and plan in place. 

Here are my 11 Video Content Tips that you can start to adapt to your marketing strategies today. 

The first four tips deal with the Message of your video.


First Before you start to create video content you must have a plan on "what", "why" and "how" you will go about your new tactic. What sort of videos do you want to explore. Why are you making the videos and why would your audience care to see them. And lastly, how will you execute your video plan. This research phase should involve audience research, competitor check, ideation, content scheduling, budget allocation, task delegation, and the like. All these will help you develop effective videos that will make your campaign a lot more successful

Lead with a punch

When you start to storyboard your videos you want to make sure that the first few seconds of you video really stand out. People tend to lose concentration and focus after only eight seconds so you really need to be sure you are grabbing their attention within the first few seconds. It is in those few seconds that they will determine if they will keep scrolling or stop and watch.

Tell A Story

Grabbing the audience’s attention is crucial, but keeping them glued is even more important. And to do so, you must craft high-quality content that will make them want to stick around. Your video must not only look, sound, and feel great, but it should also share a compelling story that has wit, relevance, and value.

Delivery Strong Call to Action

After people reach the end of your video, they will want to know where to go or what to do next. And this is your chance to give them the answer. Leave the viewers with a purpose and encourage them to act on what you want them to do.

The next three tips deal with the Set-Up of video.

Natural Lighting

Lighting will make or break your videos. And using natural light will help you make it! When you’re indoors, be sure you shoot videos near a window or door where there’s sufficient light. You can also opt to take things outdoors. Using natural light is also about the right timing and knowing when to shoot.

External Microphone

Just like lighting, audio is also important in social media videos. If you’re filming using your phone, the built-in mic might not be good enough. You wouldn’t want your videos to capture sounds of cars passing instead of your narration, or dogs barking outside instead of the actual conversation. So, it’s wise to invest in good equipment, including microphones to ensure that you get to create high-quality sound.

Vertical vs. Horizontal Video

During your strategic planning phase of the video coordination, you would have determined how and when your video will be used. You want to be sure to consider each platform and the dimensions that work best. So there is no right or wrong answer as to whether a vertical or horizontal video is better, it all depends on how and where the video will be displayed and which direction works best for that platform.

The last four tips deal with the technical aspects of video content.

Keep Social Videos Short

When discussing video content for social media the common suggestion is to keep your videos short and sweet. Longer content can go on YouTube or Vimeo. Very few people are going to watch videos on social media if they last for more than 15 to 20 minutes. That’s why it’s important to keep your videos bite-sized and easy to consume while still providing value.

Include Subtitles

When it comes to social video it is safer to assume that the user is watching with sound off. Statistically speaking this is the case. So preparing subtitles for your video will help ensure that the audience that falls into this bucket still has the opportunity to engage with your content and respond. 

Royalty-Free Music

While it isn't always needed, some videos can enhance their appeal by adding some light background music. It helps to grabs people’s attention, controls viewers’ perception of the brand, and sets the mood and connection with the audience. However, not all songs can be used in videos. Before you add it in, you must secure permission from the rightful owners. Otherwise, you can get into trouble with the platforms for stealing copyrighted materials. There are several free music sources out there that you can try. 

Optimize for Different Platforms

Lastly, the video content that you create doesn't have to be limited to only one platform. But this will take some additional work to execute. It may sound convenient to post the same videos across multiple channels, but it’s necessary to optimize your content for each platform as they have different requirements. Size and shape matter when it comes to social media visuals. Keep in mind the correct dimensions, orientation, video length limit, and other important specs of each channel. This way, you can implement properly and according to the social network you choose.

Applying these tips will help make your video content strategy much easier to manage and apply. In no time you will be able to connect with audience on a much deeper level.