How to Use Lead Magnet Quiz in 2022 (Interview)

How to Use Lead Magnet Quiz in 2022 (Interview)

We recently conducted an excellent interview with Ellen Koronet, a self-proclaimed Creativity Engagement Methodologist. Hear her insight and guidance on speaking with your authentic voice and the value of developing a strong quiz-driven lead magnet for your services or products.

Ellen Koronet is a Social Scientist, Creativity Facilitator, and Marketing Methodologist with decades of corporate experience designing surveys, quizzes and assessments that bypass habitual thinking. She has created a Whole Brain Marketing system that voices the fascinating brilliance of any Brand. Her philosophy is that combining your brilliant brand voice with game-ified custom quizzes supercharges relationships that fuel sales and customer retention. Ellen has mastered a way to broadcast a direct connection between this brilliant brand and the untapped audiences and client bases. Since Ellen's systems and tools facilitate the collection of opinions that cut through expected answers to explain and predict behavior, the result is real engagement that produces warm leads and repeat buyers.

In our interview we discuss the following topics: 

0:00 Introduction
2:40 What should fuel brands to develop their authentic voice
5:24 Successful brands realize consumers make buying decisions with their hearts
6:20 First steps in getting clients started in developing their authentic message
9:13 The Value of using a lead magnet quiz or assessment
11:03 How to share your quiz with your prospects
13:30 Different ways you can use your lead magnet quiz
15:30 What you can offer those who complete your lead magnet quiz

You can learn more about Ellen on her website: