3 Reasons to Conduct a Social Media Audit

3 Reasons to Conduct a Social Media Audit

One thing that we continue to offer our fellow business owners is a Free Social Media Audit. Here are 3 random facts about Social Media Audits and why you should request yours today.

Having a social media audit helps you to:

  • Assess Your online presence & consistency of profiles - It is important to regularly check in on how your accounts are performing. You are investing valuable time into your online presence so it is valuable to do an assessment of how your efforts are paying off. You also want to verify consistency in your profiles.

  • Track metrics to understand the performance - What are your business goals? Are you seeking to gain awareness, build a following, generate leads, make sales? Whatever your goals are, are your social posts aligned with this purpose and help you achieve results? A look into your social Audit will help you determine that.

  • Access opportunities beyond just marketing - It is key to not just see your social media accounts as a means to promote and market to your followers. Build relationships, learn from them.