Checking out the Competition

Checking out the Competition

If you want to stay ahead of the game in managing a healthy social media account for your business, then you must take the time to check out what the competition is doing for their customers. Periodically do some Competitive Research on organizations you consider to be your direct competition. Select a business that appears to be doing very well, an organization that will inspire you and teaches you more about leveraging your assets.

Competitive Research provides insight into what the competition is doing in terms of marketing, their message, and positioning, how well their audience receives them, what part of the market they are targeting, and the success they are achieving online and on their social platforms.

When conducting your research, you want to focus on three major areas:

  1. Strategy - understand what media and content strategy your competition using. This understanding will help reduce friction and prevent overlapping throughout the process of your research.
  2. Target Market - understand who their target audience is, this could help you better understand your target audience and how they should be different based on your specific product or services and how you resolve issues for your customers.
  3. Messaging - understand your competitor's message. This understanding will enable you to differentiate yourself from the competition by developing a more robust, bolder message to connect with your following. When your message is too similar to the competition's message, it can confuse the customers, so learn what you can and be sure to be different in your messaging.

An excellent tool to help you along with your Competitive Research is Competitors App will help reduce potential hours per week, constantly navigating through your competitors' websites, social media feeds. This social monitoring tool does the work for you and notifies you each time your competitor makes a move. The app monitors for actions such as changes to the website, google ads set up, social media updates, keyword ranking, blog posts, etc. All these features will just take a few minutes a week to process, and you will receive daily and weekly reports with your competition activity! Check out their services and pricing today.

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