Marketing Plans & Local SEO with Amber Chaney

Marketing Plans & Local SEO with Amber Chaney

Hello there, and welcome to the Marketing 101 for Small Business Owners podcast. I am your host Philippa Channer, and I am a Content Marketing Strategist. I love helping entrepreneurs and small business owners create, implement, and measure their marketing plans & content strategies. I started this channel to help business owners like yourself take control of their marketing and get more effective results. This month I launched a small series on the value and importance of Local SEO and how small businesses can improve their chances of getting found on Google. We are now on week three, and I have brought on a special guest to add their expertise to the conversation.

Amber Chaney is the CEO and Founder of Chaney Communications (C2). She has over 12 years of experience in content marketing, social media marketing, and communications leadership. For 10 years, Amber served as Communications Manager and then Deputy Director of leading veterans non-profit in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. She has produced content with a strategic marketing process that includes publication, promotion, and both paid and organic ad placement and led strategic campaigns for the federal government and for-profit businesses. I have asked Amber to join me in this conversation. We discuss how to help small business owners understand some of the tactics they can do now to improve their local SEO. Amber has a lot of experience in social media so let's see what we can do with our social media accounts to improve your results.

Here is a list of the topics we discussed in our interview:

1. How can a small business build a marketing plan

2. What tactics/platforms can be used to build this

4. How can you measure the success of a marketing plan

5. What is SEO and, more specifically, local SEO

6. How is SEO beneficial

7. What about social media? Are there ways in which a business can optimize their profiles to help improve their Local SEO results?

8. What about social media content? Are there posts or hashtags businesses can include so that people located near them will possibly find them?

Connect with Amber directly:

Amber, I really enjoyed our conversation. I have learned a lot more about marketing plans and Local SEO, and I thought I knew it all. Thank you for your time and wisdom.

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